Oct. 8th, 2011

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I have been half writing posts and then not posting them because they're not finished and then not posting them. I need to stop the procrastination thing.

I started a new game of Kingdom Hearts 2 yesterday. And the whole thing with Kairi still massively bugs me- personality wise, you'd think she'd be kicking bug ass, keyblade or no, but in the first game she exists mainly to motivate the (male) main character, and in the second.. safe at 'home' until the plot decides it wants her for some reason. I like her a lot- when she's around. In cut scenes.

I saw the movie 'The Last Airbender' because I wanted to see how horrendous it actually is, and... you know, after having seen the first season of the series, even the things that the movie should have done well weren't impressive- Aang's airbending feels so much more powerful when you can see the wind he's generating, and when he can casually glide around following everyone else. I get the feeling that the director was too enamoured of the series to do a good job of adapting it- and blind to what others saw in it as well, ie racebending. I think he was trying to fit in as many of the nuances of the series as he could, and there was just too much.

We finally got a washing machine a few days ago, and I've put a load through it, but sadly, most of my clothes came back dirtier than they went in. I will have to rewash them. I got a multifunction printer (yay!) and new shoes as well, but I got grass stains on the new shoes by weeding the backyard. Next time I get shoes I hope I remember how good I am at dirtyfying everything.


mirrorred_star: Yuna from Final Fantasy X-2 (Default)
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