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I came home from class today with two chocolate lilly seedlings from a planting we were doing today, and a punnet of beetroot seedlings from the supermarket (and stuff for pizza*- the power of beetroot did not compel me enough to go there only for seedlings). I planted out all the seedlings, and now I have thirty six seedlings all in their own little pots. (I got a heap of pots off one of my classmates, and I am so glad I got so many little square ones now). The chocolate lillies are pretty cool- they're indigenous, and edible- they have edible tubers. And the flowers smell like chocolate (apparently- I couldn't smell much from the ones at the bush food garden at Whittington last monday)

So now I have; the chocolate lillies and the beetroot, one each of ruby saltbush, nodding saltbush, berry saltbush, murnong/ yam daisy (all indigenous, the yam daisy also has edible tubers); round carrot seedlings, mint, the mint-baby lavender, red lettuce that's looking a bit manky and cos lettuce and two pots of red russian kale (I had no idea what it was apart from 'mystery brassica' until I brought a leaf into horticulture last friday). And some pumpkin seeds and some cucumber seeds and other things that were potted last friday, and the friday before. And I think there was a bell pepper seedling or two somewhere.

And the garlic, and the pea-straw peas. Seventeen. Assuming I haven't forgotten anything.

No wonder I'm starting to feel slightly overwhelmed with the plant thing. The natives will pretty much look after themselves (I have seen nodding saltbush growing through blanketweed- the little plants are tough), but I worry about whether I'm watering the veggies enough or too much or not enough- I think I've killed some of the garlic with overwatering, and some of the carrots were looking really droopy. On the other hand, the kale and the lettuces were watered really sporadically, and they're mostly really good.

Also, I had cauliflower on pizza. It wasn't bad.
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