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Right now, I'm the kind of tired where I want to muck around for a bit until I feel less tired, and then do the less fun things that need to be done. Like the dishes. And the weeds. The weeds make me sad- they're so fast growing that I might have to spray them to keep on top of them. :(


I have started reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor. It's good so far, but not mind-blowing. I had been reading a Doctor Who novel that my sister had lent me- a 7th and Ace one called Matrix which was oddness. Odd as in, for most of the book the Doctor isn't anywhere and Ace is trying to fend for herself in 19th century London.


I have seen all of Avatar: tLA. It didn't feel as long as the other seasons, but maybe that's because I ultra-marathoned it over the weekend. Or because it has a 2-parter and a 4-parter in there.

Spoilers for book 3 )

I have a sneaking suspicion that I have a thing for emo boys. I do very much heart Zuko.

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I finished A Star Shall Fall by Marie Brennan a couple of days ago.

It was made of yay. Due to authorial toying-with-the-reader, and also the new Prince of Stone, who is kind of adorable.

It was less brain-eaty than the earlier books, which I think might be because the language is getting more modern, and maybe also because it was less history-intensive- the real-world history involved is mostly DOOM!COMET OF DOOM!

I much liked it.

Also, if I tried posting this the day I'd read it, I'd be trying to hint at spoilers without actually being spoilery, and probably giving away too much. Today, I have not, although I still think it would be fun to read someone the epilogue quote while they're halfway through the novel, just to see how much freakoutage it would cause as they go on.

...I just realised something about another nuance of the epilogue quote. And that it's basically meant to cause said freakoutage where it is in the book, if one is in the right frame of mind, which I wasn't.

Anyway, coolness.


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