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This morning we got to order around plant trees with some school kids. I was a bit worried about it on the weekend, but the kids were well behaved and amusing (and very chatty- I think they were divided up into groups of ffriends

My sister came over again last night. She's been here all day and is feeling sick right now. And maybe has the flu.

Found on the net-

Duck Duck Go A search engine that doesn't save your data or railroad your search results towards sites you are more likely to ideologically agree with

Harry Potter and the... what? Some dude watched the last movie without having watched the others or read any of the books and came up with... something

Canine Amaterasu cosplay
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Yesterday I was weeding with my gloves because I wanted to pull out the thistles that have started to grow in the garden. Because they're not good to touch or anything. And one of them bit me through my glove. I wasn't happy. And I shouted a more profane version of the post title at it. But I was going to kill it, so I guess all's fair in biology and war.

There were also some mushrooms behind a huge patch of weedy grass. They will probably die once the grass has been pulled out, though :(


Total wordcount for JulNoWriMoThingie stands at 39k plus some. I skipped about five days and didn't hit word count on a handful more. I think I could keep up that pace most of the time if I could figure out how to turn off the part of my brain that zones out/ goes on tangents every so often- first couple of days were pretty good for both wordcount and time because I was just focused on getting words out, after then it would take 3 or 4 hours to do around 2000 words, and while I could make that time while going out and doing other things, I wouldn't have enough time to be doing anything else.

Next up for Chained will probably be research and doing up character sheets for all the main characters. And it wants a soundtrack. As in 'oooh, this song really fits the story thematically, and so does this one, and this one fits with those and was associated with a scene in the old draft...'


I'm gong to have a massive bruise on my thigh tomorrow from climbing over a gate today (it was locked and our teacher didn't have the key) and not getting my leg high enough over the fence to not hurt myself.

I took some pretty pictures of the saltmarsh and the plants.

Also, I am not dreadfully tired. It is a miracle!


My birthday's in about a week, and I'm still figuring out what I want to do. Apart from being a bit epic, in the 'stuff I can make happen with a couple of days of work'. I have some ideas.


Here, have some dalek-related amusement- the dalek game

And this is just plain amusing, even though I've never played Portal Warning- Cracked article
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Basment cat thread at Hoyden Around Town. I liked it the first time I sawded it and... yeah. I also very much like basement cat. My favourite is the 'he haded brains, but we ated them' one.

Tobias Buckell on Ebook Piracy It's a good thinky post.

I need to go refuel my brain now. Or go eats some. Mmmm, brains.


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