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I have been half writing posts and then not posting them because they're not finished and then not posting them. I need to stop the procrastination thing.

I started a new game of Kingdom Hearts 2 yesterday. And the whole thing with Kairi still massively bugs me- personality wise, you'd think she'd be kicking bug ass, keyblade or no, but in the first game she exists mainly to motivate the (male) main character, and in the second.. safe at 'home' until the plot decides it wants her for some reason. I like her a lot- when she's around. In cut scenes.

I saw the movie 'The Last Airbender' because I wanted to see how horrendous it actually is, and... you know, after having seen the first season of the series, even the things that the movie should have done well weren't impressive- Aang's airbending feels so much more powerful when you can see the wind he's generating, and when he can casually glide around following everyone else. I get the feeling that the director was too enamoured of the series to do a good job of adapting it- and blind to what others saw in it as well, ie racebending. I think he was trying to fit in as many of the nuances of the series as he could, and there was just too much.

We finally got a washing machine a few days ago, and I've put a load through it, but sadly, most of my clothes came back dirtier than they went in. I will have to rewash them. I got a multifunction printer (yay!) and new shoes as well, but I got grass stains on the new shoes by weeding the backyard. Next time I get shoes I hope I remember how good I am at dirtyfying everything.

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I had the house to myself last night, so I did what any self-respecting adult would do- watch cartoons! I finally watched Ponyo- ZOMG cute! And how many movies are there where the main character is five and acts five. And it is so damn refreshing to be watching a movie without implicit labels of 'good' and 'bad' to the actions of characters or the characters themselves, that Ponyo's father wants her back because he's worried about her, that Souske's mum can be peeved at her spouse because he's taken an extra shift at work and isn't home much.

Also, after dinner I may have watched ABC3 for an hour or so. There was a program called Deadliest 60 where the crew went around trying to find particular creatures- not necessarily deadly to humans, unless I am seriously missing information about tuna and giant cuttlefish- but the crew had a camera on the crew, which made the whole show feel more informal, and gave them the leeway to film the kangaroo that came to check them out and the trapdoor spider (and the director 'look, a platypus!' and it turned out to be a duck) while they were looking to film a platypus for the show.
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Yesterday I was helping build a food forest at a primary school. It's like a veggie garden, except there's fruit trees and herbs and veggies as well. And the second I got home, I had a long hot shower because my muscles were Not Happy. My muscles are still a tad whiney today, but not as much as last night. And it's different muscles doing the complaining.


I could go see X-men: Origins with the Continuum crew, which will almost certainly leave me stuck at a train station somewhere in geelong at 8 o'clock at night, and either hope my parents are home so I can ask for a ride or get a taxi back.

Okay, I just put in for it. We'll see how it goes.


Doctor Who: The Almost People- There were parts of this I thought were brilliant, and parts that sucked, and parts that are either internally inconsistent or completely awful. Spoilers )
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Apparently Agora opened in Australia recently (Or, it was reviewed in At the Movies last night). I really, really want to see it. I might go up to Cinema Nova.

Also, a piece of code that should be easy-as-pie in Flash isn't cooperating *sigh*


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