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That some of the write-ins on Good Game: SP say that if they don't get help they'll turn into a n00b (or a n000000000000b)

That I've seen enough of Good Game: SP to know that.

That this unit has sort of become the ABC3* unit, and it's mostly my fault. Mostly as in, my sister mostly hasn't objected to it so far.

*It's kind of the kiddy channel. But it had the Iron Man cartoon on, I couldn't help it!


I've been asked to do an interview for a business admin traineeship. My current thoughts on that are- if there's money, I'd like it if they want me, if there's not... I'm less sure. I've done admin as a volunteer; I don't know whether it would be worth giving up the conservation and land management for it. Even for job prospects, if the market is that competitive, though I guess I won't pass the interview if they didn't think I could work in the industry.


I'm currently on school holidays. And waiting for us to get some furniture delivered. We're getting a futon couch and a kitchen table with chairs, as well as each of us getting a bookshelf and me getting a set of drawers.


I have been writing, sort of. I've been editing Chained and being not-entirely-happy at it because it- you know. It's not as good as I think it should be. It's not even finished- I planned to edit through to where I was up to, but now I think it starts too quickly and this other bit could be better, and all.

Short stories are so much easier than all of that.
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I moved out of home last friday.

We're kind of living with half of what a normal household has, and we're getting by easily. The only problem is food, pretty much. and so many little things, like that had my sister not reminded me to take the mince out of the freezer yesterday afternoon, we would not have been able to have spaghetti for dinner. We had a can opener saga which would have been averted if I'd gone to Corio Village after class and bought one instead of going to a classmate's house to get some of her old pots. I had no preventative medication for a couple of days (but I dropped off at the doctors' office after class, and got the doctor to bandage up the blister on my heel), and discovered the hard way that my sister's workboots are far too big for me, and too big boots are bad news in the heathland in Anglesea (low shrubby plants tripping hazard + uneven, low visibility ground ground tripping hazard + clown boots = not good. Also see above, re blister). (man, I'm lame.)

And just, much running around. But it's slowly getting all sorted.


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