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My sister came over yesterday so we could go out for dinner for her birthday. I got her the dvd of How to Train your Dragon, which we watched last night. It's a really good movie. On wednesday me and dad and her went bowling, and in one game she scored a spare by bowling a miss and then bowling a strike. It's kind of a bizarre thing to watch. And I sucked worse than usual.

I cleaned my room a bit yesterday. I swept up some dirt clods caused by small doggies bringing their muddy feet into my bedroom, and moved my stuff around so I had more room for dvds in my dvd shelf, and moved some of my books.

Homework is kind of... not getting anywhere fast. As in, I'm not doing as much work on it as I should be. Also, I hate Internet Explorer and want it to die. It aaaaate my beautiful web design :( ...I think I may have found a workaround. And not a fiddly one. Yay! *hopes it works*

Writing is going well, as usual, but has been.. unusually interesting. It looks like this draft is going to finish at the 25k mark. I know there's things I need to go back and put in, but I'm not sure if I have 50k worth. The proof will be in the pudding, I guess. And if I don't, I'm sure I can fit in another sub plot somewhere.
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And you know you have issue when the browser it is working in is Explorer.

And I just basically have a heap of homework that I need to do.

I think I finished the draft of Chained, at 19,500 words. And that's okay, because I was missing chunks of plot and wasn't working from an outline. But I have one now. Mostly.


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