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That some of the write-ins on Good Game: SP say that if they don't get help they'll turn into a n00b (or a n000000000000b)

That I've seen enough of Good Game: SP to know that.

That this unit has sort of become the ABC3* unit, and it's mostly my fault. Mostly as in, my sister mostly hasn't objected to it so far.

*It's kind of the kiddy channel. But it had the Iron Man cartoon on, I couldn't help it!


I've been asked to do an interview for a business admin traineeship. My current thoughts on that are- if there's money, I'd like it if they want me, if there's not... I'm less sure. I've done admin as a volunteer; I don't know whether it would be worth giving up the conservation and land management for it. Even for job prospects, if the market is that competitive, though I guess I won't pass the interview if they didn't think I could work in the industry.


I'm currently on school holidays. And waiting for us to get some furniture delivered. We're getting a futon couch and a kitchen table with chairs, as well as each of us getting a bookshelf and me getting a set of drawers.


I have been writing, sort of. I've been editing Chained and being not-entirely-happy at it because it- you know. It's not as good as I think it should be. It's not even finished- I planned to edit through to where I was up to, but now I think it starts too quickly and this other bit could be better, and all.

Short stories are so much easier than all of that.
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Damn. I'm like most of the way better from how I was yesterday from this flu-like illness- I didn't take any paracetalmol yesterday, and I was rather creaky from the low-level everywhere ache, whereas today, I'm feeling really good. Except for the part where breakfast was just not appealing. And the reduced lung capacity thing. It's less terrifying than it sounds, but it's still not in the realms of good.

I recorded an episode of Castle last night, and mostly because Castle dressed up as Captain Reynolds for Halloween. And was told off by his daughter because 'there aren't any space cowboys, and didn't you wear that five years ago?'. Win.
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I had the house to myself last night, so I did what any self-respecting adult would do- watch cartoons! I finally watched Ponyo- ZOMG cute! And how many movies are there where the main character is five and acts five. And it is so damn refreshing to be watching a movie without implicit labels of 'good' and 'bad' to the actions of characters or the characters themselves, that Ponyo's father wants her back because he's worried about her, that Souske's mum can be peeved at her spouse because he's taken an extra shift at work and isn't home much.

Also, after dinner I may have watched ABC3 for an hour or so. There was a program called Deadliest 60 where the crew went around trying to find particular creatures- not necessarily deadly to humans, unless I am seriously missing information about tuna and giant cuttlefish- but the crew had a camera on the crew, which made the whole show feel more informal, and gave them the leeway to film the kangaroo that came to check them out and the trapdoor spider (and the director 'look, a platypus!' and it turned out to be a duck) while they were looking to film a platypus for the show.


Jun. 3rd, 2011 12:13 pm
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I think that every single person I know who is into specfic likes it for a different reason, and a different reason from me. Sometimes its disconcerting, but really, diversity is awesome. 

I have finished season 3 of Torchwood. It was very awesome. And contains spoilers for all of season 3. )

Season 4 is going to be interesting. It's possible that they have an entirely new cast. Though they probably are going to have a Jack. Because, dude, Jack.

Doctor Whom- the rebel flesh- I had an almost-emotion connection with what was going on, but it didn't quite work for me. The concept was awesome, but I think they jumped from 'what the heck?' to 'kill them all' too quickly.

I think the next episode will mostly look like a capture the flag paintball fight, without the paintballs. And with a body count.

Sanctuary is... I'm still gettting the hang of it. It seems to do well with balancing arc plots with self contained episodes. For the upside, it has chicks who kick arse, the team alien isn't the non-white-person stand in, and they seem to look at stuff other shows of this type ignore. also, interesting use of CG- there was at least one room that was completely CG, I guess because it was easier to have someone make the CG set and greenscreen the characters than build the set and keep it somewhere.


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