Sep. 15th, 2011 10:26 pm
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I haven't really been writing lately, but I've been nudging things. The superhero virus novel decided to tell me how it wanted to start this morning, I've been thinking about if/how I'd play with the plant kingdom in Lunaris, and maybe write a short story about a plant mage there, and also looking back through the catalog of short story ideas I have and giving them a nudge. And before that I was doing some sketches for a webcomic idea... yeah. I should be going back and fixing Chained or Serpent Queen, but I haven't quite settled into a routine of waking up early to write yet- we only have vertical blinds, and it's cold. A friend suggested getting material blinds, and I really want to but it would depend on the vertical blinds' bars being able to take the weight.

Not dead

Jul. 14th, 2011 05:39 pm
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I haven't been on for a looong time. I think it was a combination of playing Okami again, dad's computer playing up and mum's restarting itself randomly every so often, and getting head-deep in rewriting Chained in NaNoWriMo style. (I'm on 20k. It's cool, but I'm edging onto problems where my style doesn't mesh with the 'all wordcount, all the time' style of nano. I'm holding off editing until I either win or hit failure point, just to kind of prove to myself that I can do nano. Or die trying.).

Links, for personal reference, but if you guys think they look interesting...

haikujaguar- the three Micahs (on art/creative business)- why a day job is good

Walking on Broken Glass webcomic- first page Nicked from Lupa
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It's been.. two weeks? I think? since I've been on here. That's no good at all! I'll have to fix it.

Slightly tired right now, job hunting and taking an online test for one of the applications. And hungry. Hungry is no good.

*fixes hungry* Vienna bread, nom!

I have been writing 1000 words a day since last thursday, and writing in the morning and evening. I've figured out that I write about 500 words an hour when I'm not stuck. My not make it today, though :(
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I think LJ and DW broke my brain a bit yesterday. Not only 'Noooooo, cyclone Yasi is ginormous and pissed off, but there were bushfires in western Victoria as well. And an author writing that they can't quit their day job because it gives them health insurance which is prohibitively expensive elsewise (stabs US healthcare system with a rusty spork. What kind of country can't take care of its ill?) And Egypt. :(

Not much of anything lately, just too much tvtropes.org. Way too much. Also, drew a map for a short story because I feel like I need more background detail to make things real, and it will be useful for terrain and being able to figure out why these two places are at war. Which I did during this week's episode of NCIS because it was boring as.


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