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Name:Changeling Star, Dancing Star
Birthdate:Aug 7
My name is Mel, and I'm not particularly good at making bios. I am currently doing an advance diploma of screen and media, carrying over from a diploma in interactive digital media, which means that I love Flash, AfterEffects and Premier when they do what I tell them to; Internet Explorer is the bane of my existence, and I can create worlds with nothing but Notepad.

I have a Bachelor of Arts with majors in Philosophy, Sociology, and Chinese. Yes, Chinese. I would have had minors in literature and history too if it wasn't for those darn meddling kids not being allowed to count the same subject towards two different majors. I took a year of Classical Greek classes and learn how to threaten to sacrifice people to Hades for amusement. Telling people, not actually sacrificing people. That would be wrong.

I write; I love blogging. I also write novelly-things in my spare time. I'm currently working on a vampire antiromance, and I have a handful of projects floating around in my head and on the computer somewhere.

I draw, though not frequently since class has started up again. Though I have done drawing for class, so maybe that's where it all went. I'm a casual gamer, identify as a geek, have taken organ lessons and have a guitar in my room I've been meaning to teach myself how to play one of these days, I can still do the Beijing 24 without asistance and want to get back to learning the sword form. Oh, and I'm a Pagan, too.

I love learning new things, can't you tell?

Oh, and dinosaurs are cool.
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